Friday, June 08, 2012

Back in Business

After a period of respite, our yard is once again home to a vegetable garden.
Tracy and I constructed and stained these boxes for a square foot garden (SFG) during a recent backyard redo. Our neighbors probably wondered what we were doing using power tools at 10PM.
I used a pattern from the internet that recommended the materials and construction techniques. The lag bolts will facilitate easy removal and replacement of any board in case of early degredation.
After the beds were located, leveled, and partially filled with sand and topsoil, I added some organic manure and compost. The strings segment the bed into equal square foot sections. The corner squares will be somewhat impacted by the 4x4 but I will compensate by adjusting the planting guide.

It may be close to the heat of the summer and likely most everything will burn up before we harvest, but when you buy plants like these that are already bearing peppers your chances improve greatly!

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