Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pickled Figs

Who ever heard of such a thing!

I really liked the name and how it rolled off the tongue - Pickled Figs.
Not Fickle Pigs - Pickled Figs. There may even be a poem there ....

I have one fig tree - variety: Alma
It produces a lot of light green figs late in the season. These seem to ripen very fast in the Texas heat and will sour in a heartbeat if not picked immediately.

My neighbor has an Alma and he also has this one - variety: Celeste.
It produces the sweetest figs that are rosy red. They ripen earlier than the Almas and this year is a bumper crop.

After making a batch of fig preserves my gracious neighbors gave us a jar and also the go-ahead to come over and pick all I wanted instead of just taking the ones that grew on my side of the fence. I think there was some concern for my safety as it is not too safe hanging by one toe off the stringer of a cedar fence trying to reach into someone elses back yard!

I tried a recipe which calles for vinegar, sugar, cloves and allspice. It made some tasty fruit. I like them over ice cream or just as-is.

I guess I'll have to add "Experienced Fig Pickler" to my resume.

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